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Geo has a meaning of earth, and matics has a meeting math such as mathematics. Therefore, Geomatic Engineering is the science and mathematics behind making reliable and repeatable measurements. To some degree, every Professional Land Surveyor is a Geomatic Engineer since special intelligence is needed for every boundary retracement. However, not every Professional Land Survey has the capability to practice in all the realms of Geomatic Engineering. At Highland Surveying, our Geomatic Engineering services are proven to deliver unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability for every project our clients undertake. Rooted in advanced technology and cultivated by our team of specialized experts, we’re proud to offer the following array of geospatial engineering services:

  • Every Project has an Application of Geomatic Engineering: The science of making reliable and repeatable measurements may not seem that daunting. We all make measurements from time to time with a tape measure. How reliable and repeatable is that measurement? How reliable and repeatable would it be if you tried to map an entire building? What about mapping a square mile ranch? Providing reliable and repeatable data every time in these situations requires a skilled Geomatic Engineer. One of the factors that your Geomatic Engineer must consider when making measurements is the curvature of the earth. Due to this, your professional must consider a projection of your project to avoid distortions and mathematical errors within the data set. The decisions of your Geomatic Engineer may lead to other complex computations, such as mathematical factors of measurements between grid and ground or computations for finding the difference between the ellipsoidal height and a geoid to compute the orthometric height. If not done incorrectly, the data could end up being scaled or arbitrarily rotated, making the values greater or less than their true measurement and angular measurements inconsistent. Since a survey or application of geomatic engineering is the foundation of every project, the factor of earth math done incorrectly will be reflected in the design or boundary retracement, causing costly problems in the construction phase or incorrect boundary determination. 
  • Remote Sensing: Remote Sensing can be extremely powerful with applications of Geomatic Engineering. Remote Sensing uses sensitive instruments to collect spatial data in any known wavelength. Applications are common in the near-infrared wavelengths or thermal wavelengths. Applications of remote sensing and Geomatic Engineering give you the ability to make precise, reliable, and repeatable photogrammetric measurements of features that are invisible to the human eye. The possibilities are endless with the analysis of spatial data that could be collected. A common application would be to use Remote Sensing and Geomatic Engineering to determine the health of a forest or a crop. Using Geomatic Engineering allows the clients to understand where the healthy crops are and the total area of the unhealthy crops. Solving the solution of the type and how much fertilizer is needed to maximize their yield.  
  • Photogrammetry: Photogrammetry is the discipline of geomatic engineering and remote sensing that uses a vast number of spatially engineered images to compute three three-dimensional coordinates. The theory of photogrammetry has been around since scientists started taking aerial photographs. However, recent innovations have now made the process economical for applications in the private sector. The use of Photogrammetry is a great tool for mapping vast areas. The advantages result in a data set that does not have diluted precision due to a lack of data and an up-to-date ortho-mosaic photograph of the project site. The disadvantage is that data is limited to what can be seen from the sky (Don’t worry, we can work around this.) Although impressive, the precision that can be achieved from photogrammetry may not always be appropriate for all applications. Here at Highland Surveying, we know the science and the precision that we can expect. We will geospatially engineer your project to have the data that you need for success.
  • Celestial and Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning: Needed precise measurements for an existing building? If so, 3D Laser Scanning would be your project’s best Geomatic Engineering application. Your Geomatic Engineer, depending on the size of the building, will establish control within the building. Afterward, we will collect billions of coordinate values in the third dimension. Careful mission planning and a comprehensive data set analysis will be completed to ensure that the project has the precision your geomatic engineer requires. The applications are endless! Some common applications we encounter are preserving historical buildings or structures, Scanning warehouses or manufacturing spaces to maximize the use of the available space, scanning structures to help determine the structural integrity, and scanning structures for the remodeling or redesign. Of course, each terrestrial application will come with the generation of an interactive panoramic that can be used to immerse yourself in the site without ever visiting it. Whatever the need is, we have the expertise and tools to provide the quality of data you need. 
  • Control Establishment and Verification: Every Construction project needs to have a reliable control network, as errors in control will result in errors throughout the entire project. We have a variety of tools and expertise to verify or establish your control networks for your project success. 
  • Monitoring: How do you tell if something is moving confidently? Can you tell if something moved a foot over ten years? What about something moving an inch over ten years? From the settling of a building, shifting in tectonic plates, and forces of hydrostatic pressure, we would be able to tell. This ability and confidence are thanks to our skilled geomatic engineering and intense statistical analysis of the measurement results. 
  • Bathymetric: This is the study of the underwater depth of ocean, lake, and river floors. This data can be invaluable in calculating the volume of a particular body of water. Depending on your need, we have a solution.  
  • Geospatial Volume Calculations: Using the principles of Geomatic Engineering mentioned above, we offer the service to streamline your resource management, which is a critical component of efficiency in any project. To achieve this, our geospatial surveys calculate earthwork volumes, thereby aiding in the precise and efficient management of materials and resources. This process is a catalyst for optimizing project schedules, budgets, and outcomes.

Through these advanced geospatial engineering solutions, we reshape your interaction with the land, transforming mere spaces into strategic assets. The data that we collect is your greatest protection against delays in design or designs that are inadequate due to the lack of special intelligence. Our solutions empower smarter decision-making, foster precision in designs, and optimize operations, thereby enabling you to execute projects with confidence, security, and assured success. With Highland Surveying, the future of precision is in your hands.

Dynamics of Geomatics Engineering

With Highland Surveying, each step you take towards your success is guided by our precise and dedicated geomatic engineering. Geomatic engineering is the backbone of our services, uniting spatial science and data to offer a comprehensive understanding of your project. This discipline allows you to make well-informed decisions, create accurate designs, and have confidence in your property’s boundaries and limits. 

The mastery of geomatics engineering paves the way for accurate planning of utility locations, elevation maps for construction preparation, efficient resource management through earthwork volume measurements, and project alignment with as-built geospatial surveys. By uncovering hidden land characteristics and converting them into valuable data, we empower you to execute your projects confidently and successfully.

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Choosing us for your professional land surveying and geomatics engineering needs means partnering with a team of skilled professionals who have extensive experience, advanced methodologies, and an unwavering commitment to providing the reliable and repeatable data you need. We understand that each project is unique, and our solutions are specifically tailored to ensure efficiency and success.

Localized Understanding of Projects

Our experience across diverse projects provides us with valuable insights into the intricacies of your local project landscape. This knowledge allows us to develop informed solutions tailored to your specific geographical location and project complexity.

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We continually uphold the highest industry standards, guaranteeing that our geospatial engineering practices meet quality expectations, environmental requirements, safety regulations, and compliance benchmarks.

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We firmly believe that a customized approach is essential for successful projects. Our solutions are designed to cater to the specific needs of your project, ensuring an optimal fit and the best possible results.

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We’re all about forging and nurturing relationships through exceptional customer service. We focus on open communication, actively seeking your input and incorporating your feedback in every step of the process.

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Highland Surveying takes pride in its cutting-edge technology and vast expertise, both of which work together to deliver top-tier geospatial services and give your projects a competitive edge.

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