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We offer comprehensive ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys designed to meet the rigorous standards required by NSPS and ALTA organizations. Our team of experienced surveyors ensures that every aspect of the survey adheres to these standards, providing you with the confidence and assurance you need for your real estate investments. A brief overview of the standards is as follows. 

Section 1, Purpose: An ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is intended to meet the needs of clients, insurers, insureds, and lenders who are entitled to rely on surveyors. The intent of creating standards for an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is to provide transparency in the scope of work among all parties involved.

Section 2, Request for Survey: Your Professional Land Surveyor is required to have a request for an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey along with the desired table A requirements and/or any details above these standards. Once the client and Surveyor agree on terms, the person responsible for paying for the survey must provide written authorization to proceed.

Section 3, Surveying Standards of Care: Within this section, it is specified that any rules or regulations with respect to local governments or organizations that are more stringent should be applied in the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey. This section also gives requirements with respect to measurement standards required in the survey. If you were wondering, your Professional land Surveyor must be within a tolerance of 0.07 feet plus 50 parts per million for each measurement.

Section 4, Records and Research: Provides a standard of the research your Professional Land Surveyor must conduct in addition to the research provided in the title report.

Section 5, Fieldwork: Did you know your surveyor must visit the surveyed property? While there, the surveyor is required to locate the following details,

  • Monuments, their type, size, and details regarding any monuments set.
  • Ways of assessing access to the property as well as their relationship to any Right-of-way. 
  • Lines of possession and improvements along the boundaries. These details could be fences, walls, buildings, door stops, flue pipes, and really anything. We are Professional Land Surveyors. We know what to look for.  
  • All buildings and structures are located on the property. 
  • Any evidence of easements that are recorded or not recorded. This could be above-ground utilities, sidewalks, paths, and ditches.
  • Your Professional Land Surveyor must look for evidence that the property has been used as a cemetery.  
  • Any and all water features, including springs, ponds, and lakes. Data must also be collected concerning the high watermark in cases of boundary significance. 

Section 6, Plat or Map: As a result of all of the sections above, your professional land surveyor must present all of the findings on a plat map. Collecting that data is one thing, but depicting all of the data in a way that can be understood is another. Within the Plat map, the following details must be shared.

  • Facts and notes of features as deemed necessary by the surveyor. 
  • Boundary information, descriptions and closures. 
  • Easements, servitudes, Right-of-Ways, access, and applicable documents.
  • Presentation must be to scale, with notes regarding details that should be shown, but none of the features were found in the survey. Additionally, all Table A items included with the survey must be documented, with descriptions of Table A item 20 when applicable.  

Section 7, Certification: The survey must be certified by a professional land Surveyor of the state where the property was surveyed. When your surveyor certifies the survey, they are certifying to the name of the insured, lender, insurer, and any other entities negotiated that the survey has been completed according to the standards of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

Section 8, Deliverables: Your Professional shall furnish copies of the survey. Hard copies and electronic formats are acceptable depending on the terms of the contract. 

Table A, Optional Survey Responsibilities and Specifications:

In addition to all of the standards listed above a ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey commonly includes the following additional standards:

  1. Monuments were placed at all major corners of the boundary of the surveyed property unless an acceptable monument was found. 
  2. Specifications regarding the address of the surveyed properties.
  3. Flood Zone classification. 
  4. Gross Land Area of the surveyed property (as well as other areas specified by the client.)
  5. Vertical relief with specifications regarding contour interval and benchmarks. 
  6. (a) Current zoning facts as set forth in a zoning report as provided by the client. (b) Show the set back lines as specified by the zoning report. It is important to note that your Professional Land Surveyor is not a city or county official. If there is any question about the interpretation of the code, the Surveyor is not obligated to depict the set backlines. 
  7. (a) Exterior dimensions of all buildings at ground level. (b) Square footage of: (1) the exterior footprint of all the buildings. (2) other areas specified by the client. (c) The measured height of all buildings above grade as specified by the client. If there is no specified point, then the point at which the measurement must be identified.
  8. Substantial features when conducting the fieldwork, such as parking lots, billboards, signs, swimming pools, landscaped areas, and any other features that your professional land survey may find beneficial to the client. 
  9. Number and type of parking spaces. 
  10. As designated by the client, the relationship and location of certain divisions or parties of walls with respect to adjoining properties. 
  11. Evidence of underground utilities existing on or serving the surveyed property as determined by: (a) plans and/or reports provided by client. (b) marking coordinated by the surveyor pursuant to private utility locate request.
  12. As specified by the client, Governmental Agency survey-related requirements (e.g., HUD surveys, surveys for leases on Bureau of Land Management managed lands). The relevant survey requirements are to be provided by the client or client’s designated representative.
  13. Names of adjoining owners according to current tax records. If more than one owner, identify the first owner’s name listed in the tax records followed by “et al.”
  14. As specified by the client, distance to the nearest intersecting street.
  15. The use of photogrammetric mapping or remote sensing, and or laser scanning for mapping features on the surveyed property.
  16. Evidence of recent earth-moving work, building construction, or building additions observed in the process of conducting the fieldwork.
  17. Proposed changes in street Right-of-Way lines, if the information is available.
  18. Plottable offsite easements are to be included in the standards of the survey. 
  19. Specifications to the project’s minimum professional liability insurance amount. 
  20. Anything that the client may want on their survey. When using Table A 20, a clear scope of work is required.

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Our team of Licensed Surveyors brings extensive expertise to every ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey. We understand the importance of accuracy, compliance, and timely delivery. With Highland Surveying, you can trust that your survey will be executed meticulously and professionally.

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We leverage cutting-edge technology in our surveying processes, ensuring the highest level of precision and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art equipment and software allow us to capture and analyze data with unparalleled accuracy, making us the trusted choice for your ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys.

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We understand that time is of the essence. Our streamlined survey process is designed to minimize delays, providing you with the survey results you need within the required timeframe. You can count on Highland Surveying to meet your project deadlines.

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We are committed to maintaining compliance with industry regulations and standards. Our ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys are meticulously conducted to ensure your project moves smoothly. We prioritize your peace of mind and the protection of your investments.

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In addition to the survey results, we provide you with comprehensive documentation that includes all relevant data, maps, and findings. This documentation is prepared to the highest industry standards, making it readily accepted by title companies, lenders, and other stakeholders in your real estate transactions.

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