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Defining Property Boundaries with Precision
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Establishing Clear Property Limits for Your Project’s Foundation

At Highland Surveying, we recognize the fundamental importance of clearly defined property lines. Our Boundary Surveys provide a solid foundation for any boundary retracement need, ensuring you have clear and precise property limits. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to accuracy, we’re your trusted partner in establishing boundaries that matter.

The Significance of Boundary Surveys

Property boundaries are the bedrock to protect your property rights and in preparation for any development project. Knowing the limits of your land why they are where they are is crucial for making informed decisions. In securing permits, and avoiding disputes down the road. Our Boundary Surveys offer:

Legal Clarity: We provide legal documentation of your property lines, offering protection and peace of mind.
Development Planning: Accurate boundaries enable you to plan your project effectively, ensuring compliance with zoning regulations.
Property Transactions: Whether you’re buying or selling property, our surveys provide essential information for negotiations.
Dispute Resolution: In case of boundary disputes, our surveys serve as concrete evidence to resolve conflicts.

Our Boundary Survey Process

At Highland Surveying, we follow a meticulous process to conduct Boundary Surveys:

Research: We gather historical records, deeds, plat maps, historical photos, and in some cases, parol evidence together with relevant documents that our client may believe to influence the application of fact in our retracement. All this is to understand your property’s history.
Site Investigation: Our experienced surveyors conduct on-site measurements using advanced equipment to gather special data needed for a proper retracement. During our site investigation, we are looking for points on the ground that may impact your property boundaries. How do we know what to look for, you might ask? Well, that is determined by the research phase. Commonly we will locate fences near a property line, structures on the property, ditches, property corner markers, centerline monuments, Section Corners, etc. There have even been cases where we were required to locate a buried axle for a proper retracement. We do the work beforehand to ensure we have the facts needed for your boundary retracement.
Data Analysis: The other two steps are your professional knowing where to look and what to look for in collecting facts. In the data analysis phase, we compare the spatial data to what we found in our research. In some cases, we may end up analyzing thousands of points and hundreds of legal documents. Through this process, we will locate any concerning discrepancies within the two data sets and determine the applications of boundary law that must be applied in your retracement. 
Documentation: Professional Land Surveyors most commonly skip the step but not here at Highland Surveying. This is where we document and explain all of the facts considered in your property boundary retracement in the surveyor’s narrative. We do this in such a way that we label each line surveyed to a section of our narrative for clarity and ease in understanding your survey. We then highlight and call out significant facts on the map portion of your survey for a spatial understanding of their relationship to the rest of your property. We then file this report and plat map with the respective county according to state code. This approach is invaluable in protecting your property rights. Anyone who may be concerned with your property boundary will know all of the facts that were considered and the application of law used in retracement. We take all of the questions regarding your property boundary out of the equation and leave only answers. 

Why Choose Highland Surveying for Boundary Surveys?

Precision: Use Geomatic Engineering to ensure the precision of your measurements and deliver reliable boundary information.
Legal Expertise: Our team includes experts in Boundary Law, ensuring that our surveys are legally robust and defendable.
Transparent Communication: We keep you informed throughout the survey process, answering any questions you may have.
Compliance: Our Boundary Surveys adhere to all relevant regulations, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

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